Saturday, 24 November 2012

Brazil: 14th November widely covered in trade union media

In Brazil, we sent the leaflets to the partners (UGT, CUT, CGGDH, PSI, FES, BWI and the Popular Committee of those Affected by the World Cup) and to our many contacts in the street vendors organisations of the host cities. We wrote a letter to all the newly  elected city mayors of the host cities - there are 11 Mayors who were elected at the end of October- and requested the street vendors  organisations to try and arrange a meeting with the new Mayors to hand them the letter personally.  The letter was an adaptation of the letter we sent earlier to the 84 Mayoral candidates and it contained the same set of demands which  we had already put to FIFA earlier this year.

Mayor of Porto Alegre receives StreetNet letter with our 3 demands 
We have received responses from the street vendors' organisations from Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte and Salvador, who told us the good news that the Mayors had agreed to meet them!  This is a real victory as they are large cities and the Mayors have substantive powers. We have already received news from ASFERAP in Porto Alegre and Salvador about their meeting.

The mayor from Salvador has also replied to our email saying he was aware of the International Street Vendors Day,  and that he would carefully study  the letter.

In Rio, we invited the street vendors leadership for a breakfast at the Centre for Working Women (CAMTRA)  and we had a nice and informal conversation. They suggested creating a  carnival section  of the street vendors in Rio!!  We distribute the t-shirts, the leaflet and we gave our women leaders flowers in recognition of their struggle for justice.  The team from CAMTRA joined us in the conversation. 

Information about the International Street Vendors Day was put up in a number of important websites:

In the CUT website
In the BWI website
In the Manuas Popular Committee of those Affected by the World Cup (Comite Popular da Copa de Manaus)
In the facebook of the MNCR- catadores
And in theTUCA /CSA website

Report from Maira Vanucchi, WCCA Coordinator in Brazil and Nora Wintour StreetNet Campaigns Coordinator

Thursday, 22 November 2012

South Africa:UBAMBANO and StreetNet mark International Street Vendors Day

Umbumbano Traders Alliance, an affiliate of StreetNet, celebrated last Wednesday at the Durban City Hall. The hall was packed with hundreds people who attended this event. There were songs, dances and poetry from entertainers who belong to the informal sector.  
 Harassments must be immediately suspended until an agreed process is formed between Ubumbano and the various municipalities in the province,” said Mzwandile Mavula, Ubumbano Secretary.
Representatives from the local government were present including business support and the South Africa Municipal Workers Union and the South African Communist Party.

Mavula also talked about how Social Protection Floors play an important role for informal workers and traders. Countries have to commit to a sustained focus on programmes for the poorer people, with plans and budgets allocated for serious implementation.  The social protection floor was spoken about in detail and is based on a package of basic securities which is proper healthcare, food security, child care and public infrastructure. 
'One of the resolutions of the meeting is for Ubumbano to have a service centre that focuses on those areas and where informal workers can visit if they need help. ” he said


LIberia: Central Bank Governor meets street vendors on occasion of International Street Vendors Day - a first time for StreetNet affiliates!

Comfort Doryon, Chair of NAPETUL, with the Governor the Central Bank of Liberia, Dr. Mill Jones and the Deputy Governor on the Occasion of International Street Vendors Day! 
Nothing for us without us!
14th November March of Street Vendors through Monrovia to celebrate International Street Vendors Day

 It's not every day that a Central Bank Governor and his Deputy have time to go out on the streets to meet an organisation of street vendors.  But in Liberia, it has happened!  Let's hope that more Central Bank Governors take inspiration from this achievement in Liberia where government and bankers are concerned to listen to the needs of street vendors.

SIVARA Argentina: Conmemoración del Día Internacional de Vendedores Ambulantes

SIVARA, Argentina celebró el 14 de Noviembre con una conferencia 
sobre los pisos de protección social ademas de una gran marcha 
a través de las zonas centrales de Buenos Aires.
SIVARA, Argentina, celebrated the 14th November with a conference 
on social protection floors as well as a big march 
through the central zone of the capital, Buenos Aires.
SIVARA, Argentine, a célébré le 14 novembre avec une conférence 
sur le thème des socles de protection sociale ainsi qu'une grande défilé 
a travers la zone centrale de la capitale, Buenos Aires.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Guinee: CNTG - Celebration de la Journee Internationale des Vendeuses et Vendeurs de Rue

 Salutations cordiales
Madeleine Tounkara


Estamos trabajando en la campaña realizando una serie de actividades :

PRIMERO: Mandamos a imprimir 224 camisetas con el mensaje alusivo al Décimo  aniversario de STREETNET INTERNACIONAL, respaldando la campaña; declarando el día 14 de noviembre: DIA INTERNACIONAL DE LA VENDEDORA Y VENDEDOR AMBULANTE.

SEGUNO:Hemos sacado un cintío en el Periódico El Libertador.
TERCERO: Acordamos tres Federaciones Nacionales FOTSSIEH, FENTAEH y ANAVIH, sacar un campo pagado pagina completa en un Diario Nacional que hoy ya salio publicado en la Tribuna, manifestándonos

1.- Demandamos del gobierno la aprobación de la Ley para el ordenamiento e inclusión de los trabajadores y trabajadoras por cuenta propia; inclusión en la seguridad social, acceso a crédito, capacitación, asesoría técnica y jurídica.
2.- Celebramos junto con STREETNET  INTERNACIONAL, su decimo Aniversario .
3.- Respaldamos la campaña para la declaración del 14 de noviembra DIA INTERNACIONAL DE LA VENDEDORA Y VENDEDOR AMBULANTE.
4.- Hacemos un llamado a todas/os  las/los que hacemos una actividad por cuenta propia, para generar el sustento diario, que organicemos la Red Nacional para celebrar desde este catorce de noviembre el Dia Nacional del Trabajador y trabajadora por cuenta propia, ademas para que nos unamos para exigir la aprobacion de nuestra ley.
5.  Hoy en horas de la tarde 2:00 PM. en San Pedro Sula, desarrollaremos una conferencia de prensa ,allí entregaremos las camisetas a los asistentes, bocadillos y un pastel que partiremos alusivo al 10mo Aniversario de STREETNET INTERNACIONAL,  porque están prohibidas las manifestaciones o mitines públicos por el silencio declarado por el Tribunal Supremo Electoral, ya que el domingo serán las Elecciones Primarias.

Saludos compañeras y compañeros y muchas felicidades , hasta la victoria siempre.


Monday, 19 November 2012

Presidente de StreetNet festeja la lucha, unidad y solidaridad/ StreetNet President celebrates our struggle, unity and solidarity

Estimados Compañeras y Compañeros,

Considero que todos y cada uno de los afiliados a STREETNET INTERNATIONAL hemos practicado democráticamente los festejos de un nuevo aniversario y también hemos festejado por primera ves en la historia el DÍA MUNDIAL DEL VENDEDOR AMBULANTE.

Y a partir de ello, todos los vendedores del mundo debemos unificar la lucha,los proyectos de inclusión social y la libertad de trabajo,porque  nuestra  bandera debe estar en lo mas alto,y debemos ratificar nuestra clase de trabajadores unidos y solidarios.

Tomemos como un claro ejemplo esta lucha de los compañeros uruguayos que hizo que los malos funcionarios den marcha atrás en el desalojo masivo contra mas de 200  vendedoras y vendedores de la feria principal. (Véanse abajo)

Los abrazo a todos los compañeros del mundo,en el abrazo fraternal que envió al compañero Fernando Gallardo.

Presidente, StreetNet Internacional  


Brothers and Sisters, Comrades,

I consider that all the affiliates of STREETNET INTERNATIONAL have democratically celebrated our anniversary and for the first time in our history, the International Day of Street Traders.

And from now on, all the vendors of the world must unite in the struggle for social inclusion  and for the freedom to work. Our banner must fly high and we must reaffirm that we are united and work in solidarity to support our class of workers.

Let us take as a clear example this struggle of the Uruguayan brothers and sisters who have succeeded in making ill-disposed officials step back from a massive eviction of 200 traders, both men and women,  from the main market. (See below)

I greet all our brothers and sisters throughout the world, in the words and fraternal greeting of our brother, Fernando Gallardo.

President, StreetNet International


 14 de noviembre 2012

Compañeros: hoy festejamos este gran día para los vendedores callejeros del planeta de la mejor manera: luchando. 

En estos días acabamos de frenar un nuevo intento de reducción de nuestra fuente laboral de la manera mas brutal: aplicándonos un reglamento desconocido por nosotros. Mas de 200 bajas de puestos que nosotros rechazamos y en pie de lucha logramos revertir, precisamente en estas horas. La amargura de estos días por parte de nuestras familias nos aguó la conmemoración prevista para hoy, pero el desenlace victorioso, precisamente en estos instantes, será nuestro principal aporte a la mejor gloria de Street Net International.
Salud a todas las organizaciones hermanadas en esta organización mundial!!!
Salud a Street Net Internacional!!!
por los vendedores callejeros del Uruguay
por la Asociación de Feriantes de Ferias Especiales
Fernando Gallardo
Brothers and sisters: today we celebrate our great day for street vendors of the world in the very best manner: fighting for our rights! 
We have managed to block another brutal attempt to reduce the number of work place by implementing a regulation that was unknown previously.  More than 200 posts were due to be cancelled which we rejected and through our struggle we have managed to overturn the decision- precisely today.  The bitterness that our families felt had dampened the spirit of the commemoration planned for today but with this victorious outcome, and in this very moment, it will be our main contribution to the better glory of StreetNet International.

Greetings to all the fraternal organisations of our global organisation! 

Greetings to StreetNet International! 

TOGETHER WE CAN!  It is our slogan for the street vendors of Uruguay.

Association of Market Traders
Fernando Gallardo

Kenya: KENASVIT members raise their demands

KENASVIT affiliates celebrated International Street Vendors
Day with pomp and colour. Some organised a massive clean 
up of trading areas while others took 
the opportunity to rise their demands and fight for
recognition with the local authorities.



Bangladesh: Human Chain to Demand a Street Vendors Law

A " Street Vendors Human Chain" was held at in front of National Press Club, Dhaka on the occasion of International Street Vendors Day orgnised by the Labour in the  Informal Economy (LIE).

Leaders of national trade union centers (Bangladesh Free Trade Union Congress-BFTUC) and OSHE personals joined this event. Total participants were: 200 (around 40 % were female).

Greetings from Mozambique!

Bom dia a todos pelo grande dia dos vendedores ambulantes e 10 anos da
StreetNet internacional eu passei o dia fora do Pais estive na
República da Zâmbia na `LO Norway  Youth Conference` representando
a OTM-CS, onde tive oportunidade de anunciar a data e e festejar com
eles. mas também fiquei feliz por saber que no meu pais muita coisa
aconteceu em relação a data  estou recolhendo as informações para
depois partilhar convosco.
Good day to everyone on the great day of street vendors and the 10th Anniversary 
of StreetNet International.  I spent the day in Zambia at the LO-Norway 
youth conference representing the Mozambican Organisation of Workers (OTM) where
I had the opportunity  to commemorate the date with them.  I was also very pleased 
to know that in my country there were many events happening about the International
Street Vendors Day.  I am collecting the information to forward to you soon. 

Armindo from ASSOTSI, Mozambique


  • Este 14 de Noviembre del 2012, se celebró el 10mo. Aniversario de Streetnet International. En Lima Perú, nuestra Federación Departamental FEDEVAL realizo un gran FORO METROPOLITANO por este motivo.Este acto de ceremonia protocolar, contó con la digna presencia de distinguidas personalidades; estuvo en representación de la alcaldesa de Lima, la gerente de Desarrollo Empresarial Carmen Vildoso Chirinos; Carmen Roca Miock directora de WIEGO para América Latina; también se hizo presente, asimismo, Abelardo Vildoso Chirinos Director de la ONG - ADEC- ATC, el Sr. Julio C Bazán Figueroa, Presidente de la CUT Perú, Guillermo Pérez Herrera director de PROSEI; Patricia Balda de ISCOD Perú, Katia Hurtado dirigente de la Cut; y compartiendo la mesa de honor la Sra.  Luz Maldonado Velásquez, secretaria de organización de FEDEVAL habló en representación de las mujeres trabajadoras del sector y finalizando, brindó su saludo al 10mo. aniversario de Streetnet, pidiendo a los asistentes brindar un homenaje póstumo a nuestra compañera BEAUTY BUGIJIMA desaparecida en un trágico accidente; Manuel Sulca Escalante Secretario General de la FEDEVAL, tuvo a su cargo la alocución central en este día. la moderación de este acto, estuvo a cargo de Marcial Guillermo Pérez Herrera. Como organizaciones invitadas; FENAREP (recicladores); CONFIAR (vendedores ambulantes).
  • El evento contó con mas 80 participantes de los distrito de Lima Cercado; San Martin de Porres; la Victoria; La parada y GAMARRA; Comas, Carabayllo; Puente Piedra; independencia; Ancón; Rímac; El Agustino; Magdalena; Jesús María.
  • 14 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2012

Malawi: Radios awash with news about International Street Vendors Day

Blantyre City Asembly Director of Planning receives petition from Mhango, MUFIS

Malawi Union for Informal Sector (MUFIS)  with its membership and partners joined their friends in the world for the first time celebrating International Street Vendors Day in style under the theme of street vendors are workers with the same right to organization, representation and social protection as other workers. They marched a distance of one kilometre to present a petition to Chief Executive Officer of the City Council of Blantyre while songs were sung loud and clear. The petition was presented to the council and after that the council arranged a place in the Mayor's Chamber where they could hear the contents of the petition and it was read by the President as follows:  

Marching through Blantyre City

On the steps of Blantyre City Council

14th November, 2012

The Chief Executive Officer,
Civic Offices
Private Bag 67

Dear Sir,


We refer to the above subject matter. Malawi Union for Informal Sector with its membership and partners all over the world are celebrating the vendors’ day today which markers the 10th anniversary of StreetNet International for the first time. The theme of this year is street vendors are workers with the same right to organization, representation and social protection as other workers. During this celebration we would like to request your good offices to look and address our issues as follows:

         Lack of good markets and a lot of people sell their commodities under harsh conditions such as hot sun, rains and without benches.
         Lack of toilets, storage houses, dust bins, piped water, security and fence.
         Lack of consultation when the market fee is being adjusted upwards.
         Lack of nursery schools at markets where children could be put/in classes and learn while mothers/fathers are selling their commodities.
         Lack of market clinics, where pregnant women, anti natal could be administered and HIV/AIDS patients could get treatment
         Rivers passing through the markets are polluted and sticky for example Mudi passing through Blantyre market, Limbe passing through Limbe market
         Build more markets to accommodate all vendors
         Provide good water, storage, security, dust bins, toilets and wall fence
         Councils must stop confiscating goods from vendors
         Vendors must be consulted on all the issues affecting them through MUFIS
         Provide soft loans for empowerment through the banks, and provide banks at the markets for savings
         Provide social protection policy schemes to vendors / self - employed people
         Provide clinics and nursery schools at the markets.
         Amend the laws and bye laws so that they should match with current Republican constitution, democracy and trade systems.
         Provide accountable security to all markets so that if goods are stolen vendors should be compensated;
         Our members should not be harassed when crossing the borders with their goods.

"We estimated that the whole ceremony would take us 15 to 20 minutes but after hearing the contents of the petition, the council officials were moved and it took two and half hours, responding one by one.  They agreed with our petition and promised that they will invite MUFIS to a meeting where all the items on the petition will be discuss item by item. But immediately they  said that

(1) they will stop confiscating good from vendors,
(2) that vendors will always be consulted through MUFIS structures,
(3) they accepted that the bye laws should be amended,
(4) they will talk to banking institutions to provide loans for economic empowerment and clean the rivers passing through markets.
 Council official thought there could be violence during presentation. MUFIS thanked City Council officials for accepting to receive the petition and asked them to facilitate the meeting urgently. The positive responses by the council were more than expectation of MUFIS membership. The function was covered by a lot of media, especially by many radio broadcasters.In fact, the radios were awash with news about International Street Vendors Day!"

REPORT BY Mwanda Chiwambala

New York: Street Vendors show solidarity for hurricane victims on 14th November

Brothers and sisters,

We are very happy to celebrate with you the first ever International Street Vendors’ Day. We congratulate StreetNet on ten years of fighting for justice and human rights.

Two weeks ago, our own city was hit by a terrible hurricane that killed many people and drove many others from their homes. It has affected the livelihoods of many of our members. However, other people suffered worse. We decided to spend International Street Vendor Day by taking a boat to one of the disaster areas of our city and volunteering to help the survivors there. We helped prepare food and sort used clothing. We are also donating money we collected at our last meeting. 

This action reminded us how street vendors help our city every day, in ways large and small. We look forward to celebrating November 14th for many years to come, with our brother and sister vendors from across the US and around the world.

Sean Basinski, Director
Street Vendor Project (New York)
November 14, 2012

TANZANIA: Traders celebrate International Street Vendors Day with a march through the city organised by TUICO

Traders on the march through Dar-es-Salaam
StreetNet affiliate in Tanzania, the Tanzanian Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers (TUICO) celebrated 14th November  in the City of Dar es Salaam.  800 traders and other participants marched from TUICO Headquarter through the city to the hall where the conference took place.

Traders at the conference
Traders displayed their goods at the conference which was presided over by the TUICO General Secretary.  The main slogan of the day was  " STREET VENDORS CONTRIBUTE MUCH TO NATIONAL ECONOMY; THEY SHOULD BE RECOGNISED" .

Traders voiced their main concerns:  
1. TUICO should represent them beforoe the local authorities and politicians so that policy and laws be reformed to become friendly to traders.
2. TUICO should negotiate with Municipal and City Authorities for better working places
3. TUICO should negotiate with the Social Security Schemes in order to cover them
4. TUICO should provide training on business skills
5. TUICO should enter into recognition and Collective Agreements with Municipal and City Councils concerning the welfare of  Informal economy workers.

TUICO General Secretary informed the participants  that the Union will make sure that their concerns are dealt with to assist their  business sustainability. He also encouraged them to have more unity and called on them to  establish a negotiation committee under TUICO.

Visit TUICO website from Thursday 23rd November for more information.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


Manifestacion en Madrid contra las politicas de austeridad

El día 14 de noviembre, y coincidiendo con la huelga general convocada por los sindicatos de trabajadores de clase y las organizaciones sociales pertenecientes a la Cumbre Social, 
UPTA España celebró el Día Internacional del Vendedor Ambulante convocando y participando en este acontecimiento.

Mas del 70% de los trabajadores españoles secundaron la huelga y casi dos millones asistieron a las manifestaciones celebradas en todas las ciudades españolas.

Respecto a los vendedores ambulantes, según cifras de UPTA, el 65% de los mercados no se celebraron este día, demostrando así el inconformismo de este sector con las políticas económicas aplicadas por el gobierno y reclamando apoyos al sector y dignificación de la profesión.

La convocatoria fue un verdadero éxito, como se puede observar en estas dos fotografías, una perteneciente a Madrid y la otra a Valencia.

Los vendedores ambulantes, junto con el resto de trabajadores y ciudadanos, continuaremos en la lucha por el cumplimiento de nuestros objetivos.

Viva el 14 Noviembre!
Viva Streetnet!

Valencia el 14 de Noviembre

India- NASVI: Street vendors celebrate International Street Vendors Day and demand inclusive central legislation, representative voice and social protection

NASVI members at the India Gate, New Delhi 14th November 2012
A large number of street vendors under the banner of the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) on Wednesday responded enthusiastically to the solidarity call of Durban based StreetNet International, a global collective of street vendor organizations working in Latin America, Africa and Asia, celebrating  International Street Vendors Day in different cities and towns.  NASVI announced that it would accelerate the process of forming an Asia level Alliance of Street Vendors to spearhead the street vendor movement in the continent.

NASVI is the Asia focal point of the StreetNet International. The international solidarity action held on Wednesday also marked the tenth anniversary of the inception of StreetNet.
The street vendors in Delhi and other centers held meetings, rallies and demonstrations and formed human chains celebrating the contribution of street vendors to national economies as well as the society at large. The theme of the celebration was Accelerate Organizing and Fight for Representative Voice & Livelihood and Social Security Rights.

The Hindu 15th November 2012

The Times of India 15th November 2012

The Human Chain of NASVI members at the Delhi Gate
In Delhi, the day witnessed street vendors wearing slogans and monogram dotted colorful t-shirts in different markets and forming human chain at historic India Gate with slogan ‘Get Organized, Fight for Inclusive Central Law for Livelihood and Social Security Rights Protection’. The celebration action was a source of huge attraction for thousands of visitors who throng India Gate daily to delight and enjoy.  The women and the youth vendors joining the human chain with their own trolleys and carts  provided the solidarity action an amazing picture.

Addressing the vendors at the India Gate, NASVI national coordinator Arbind Singh said that the street vendors are workers with the same right to organization, representation and social protection as other workers and they do need inclusive central legislation, responsive governance and adequate social protection. “We are proud that the day comes when the struggle of street vendors of India under the banner of NASVI has yielded positive results and the Indian Government has committed itself to bring in an inclusive national legislation”, NASVI national coordinator said.

He said, “ it is necessary to realize that the street vendors across globe have common challenges and needs and these can be met effectively only through large scale organizing, wider networking and high pitched advocacy with urban bodies, national governments and the United Nations bodies as well as institutions like International Labour Organization”.  He announced that NASVI had been in close touch with the street vendor organizations active in several Asian countries and it would accelerate the process of forming an Asia level Alliance of Street Vendors to spearhead the street vendor movement in the continent.
He described the International Street Vendors Day as a day providing inspirational energy to the organizations working for livelihood democracy and participative democracy of millions of street vendors in numerous countries. He hoped that the day would also assist the movement for national legislations in different countries.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


StreetNet affiliates throughout the world are celebrating International Street Vendors Day through organising protests, marches, conferences, meetings, handing over letters with demands to Municipal authorities and simply meeting together to celebrate the day and reaffirm their commitment to working for the rights of street vendors.

Here I am posting  some greetings StreetNet has received!Please send in your information and photos  to put up on the blogspot and website!

Best regards, Nora Wintour, Campaigns Coordinator



 Sur insistance des membres des provinces, le comité du SYVEBU et la Fédération ont décidé de programmer l'Assemblée Générale élective pour ce 14 Nov 2012 en même temps que la célébration de la journée internationale. Ceci permettra une participation accrue des membres des provinces et leur évitera de faire plusieurs tours à Bujumbura.
Les T-shirt sont prêts, la salle, les représentants des provinces sont déjà à Bujumbura....Nous avions envisagé une marche manifestation mais pour des raisons sécuritaires nous n'avons pas pu avoir la permission des autorités de la mairie (un parti politique a failli semer un trouble lors de son meeting dernièrement).

La fédération prendra en charge les frais relatifs à cette assemblée générale élective.
Bref, nous sommes prêts pour célébrer avec éclats la 1ere journée internationale des vendeurs et vendeueses de Rue.
Sincères salutations.
Dr Béatrice SYVEBU


 Compañeros: hoy festejamos este gran día para los vendedores callejeros del planeta de la mejor manera: luchando. En estos días acabamos de frenar un nuevo intento de reducción de nuestra fuente laboral de la manera mas brutal: aplicandonos un reglamento desconocido por nosotros. Mas de 200 bajas de puestos que nosotros rechazamos y en pie de lucha logramos revertir, precisamente en estas horas. La amargura de estos días por parte de nuestras familias nos aguó la conmemoración prevista para hoy, pero el desenlace victorioso, precisamente en estos instantes, será nuestro principal aporte a la mejor gloria de Street Net International.
Salud a todas las organizaciones hermanadas en esta organización mundial!!!
Salud a Street Net Internacional!!!
por los vendedores callejeros del Uruguay
por la Asociación de Feriantes de Ferias Especiales
Fernando Gallardo
Au Bénin les deux affiliés de Street Net  USYNVEPID et SYNAVAMAB  ont conjointement à merveille célébré l’événement  du 14 Novembre 2012 à double volets à savoir : Les 10ans de Street Net  et la journée internationale des vendeurs et vendeuses de rues et marché 1ere édition. . La fête a eu lieu à la bourse du travail et tous les composants étaient au rendez vous  à savoir les vendeurs , les centrale syndicales , la les médiats  du Bénin Le  thème retenu  pour la circonstance  est la protection sociale dans le monde des vendeurs de l'économie informelle . Le volet qui a été la discutions du jour est sur la sécurité santé et les vendeurs de l'économie informelle .

Bonne fête  à nous tous vendeurs du monde entier!

 Merci à Street Net et vive  la Street Net Internationale
pour SYNAVAMAB et USYNVEPID  Clarisse Gnahoui



Je viens de recevoir le communiqué de presse pour la journée du 14 Novembre et ai pris bonne note.Toutefois dans notre pays et précisément au Sud-Kivu les autorités politico-administratives nous ont interdit les manifestations et nous ont permis de faire une journée de méditation compte tenu de la situation sécuritaire en dégradation.Copie de la lettre en annexe.
BUDUKHE Jean-Pierre
Président d'ASSOVACO, RDCongo
Cro me es grato saludarlos y felicitarlos en este día tan especial para los
 trabajadores y trabajadoras por Cuenta Propia, quienes con nuestro sudor, 
esfuerzo, valentía y sacrificios alimentamos a nuestras familias y 
aportamos a la economía de nuestros países aunque en algunos casos 
olvidado por gobierno neoliberales, ahí estamos bajo cualquier circunstancias 
que se presenté ya sea por la naturaleza y la voluntad de Dios o por la 
voluntad de algunos que se hacen llamar defensores de los trabajadores. 
Adelante mis compañeros, como dice nuestro lema Unidos, Organizados 
y Capacitados somos Invencibles
Vivan los trabajadores por Cuenta Propia.
Vivan los trabajadores de Streenet 
Vivan los trabajadores del mundo 
Ni un paso paso atrás 
Sólo los obreros y campesino irán hasta el fin solo su fuerza organizada 
lograra el triunfo.
A C Sandino
Orlando Mercado Mendoza 

El Comité Ejecutivo de la Federación Única de Trabajadores No Dependientes y Afines de Venezuela FUTRAND, se complace en felicitar a la Organización Internacional STREETNET de la cual somos afiliados, por sus XV aniversarios, deseándoles muchos éxitos en el futuro y agradeciéndoles a la vez, por toda la solidaridad y el respaldo en todo aspecto  para las Organizaciones de trabajadores autónomos, sin patrono, autoempleados, no dependientes, en fin, esos trabajadores que se autogestionan su propia actividad y que necesitan de mucho apoyo y ustedes nos los dan de una manera honesta sincera y de todo corazón, por esos nuestro agradecimiento y nuestro sincero deseos por que cumplan muchos años y muchos éxitos. Felicidades. y !!! QUE VIVAN LOS TRABAJADORES VENDEDORES AMBULANTES, EN SU DÍA!!!!
Por el Comité Ejecutivo 
Blanca llerena
Sec. General


I have just come back from Khathang Tema’s Vendors Day celebration at which I made a speech. So many vendors! A huge media contingent was there and our Minister of Trade also spoke. Pefole

Comunicado de Imprensa
StreetNet Internacional

            14 de Novembro  de 2012

Um gol para o Brasil!: A StreetNet Internacional, no dia internacional dos(as) vendedores e vendedoras ambulantes, pede aos prefeitos eleitos das cidades sede da Copa do Mundo de 2014 que marquem um gol para o Brasil, e criem oportunidades de trabalho decente aos vendedores(as) ambulantes.

O dia 14 de novembro é o Dia Internacional dos(as) Vendedores e Vendedoras ambulantes. Diversas organizações representativas da categoría irão celebrar no mundo todo a contribuição dos (as) vendedores(as) de rua para o desenvolvimento nacional e dar visibilidade para seus problemas em comum. Aproveitando este marco, a StreetNet  escreveu para os prefeitos eleitos de 11 cidades sede da Copa, pedindo que marquem um gol para o Brasil criando oportunidades de trabalho decente aos vendedores(as) ambulantes antes, durante e depois da Copa do Mundo de 2014.
Infelizmente a importância dos(as) vendedores(as) ainda não foi percebida positivamente pela sociedade como parte fundamental da economia da cidade.
“Existem razões pelas quais os vendedores devem ser bem vistos como parte do sistema mercadológico. É simples. Eles criam seus próprios empregos; reduziram a pobreza por meio de seus próprios empregos. Eles oferecem um serviço importante de distribuição para os cidadãos, contribuem para o crescimento econômico; Eles fazem parte da nossa
cultura e tradição. " destaca Ela Bhatt, fundadora da Associação de Mulheres Autônomas (SEWA - Self Employed Women Association).

Esta é uma oportunidade única para que os prefeitos eleitos reconsiderem as políticas urbanas que vêm sendo aplicadas aos porbres urbanos. Ao invez de tratar os(as) vendedores(as) ambulantes como criminosos, é possível incluí-los nas oportundiades comerciais que a Copa do Mundo oferece, e proporcionar soluções duradouras a longo prazo para melhorar seus meios de subsistência”, defende Nora WIntour, coordenadora da camapnha da StreetNet Cidades para Todos e Todas

 Estimados Afiliados,
Deseándoles un gran día y un camino fortalecido para mejorar sus condiciones de trabajo y de vida.
Un abrazo,
Monica Garzaro Scott
Organizer Latin American and
Southern East Regions------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Felicitations et bonne continuation a Streenet International. Abdou Faye Italie.
A Madame la coordinatrice de STREET NET International
A Monsieur  le Président de Street Net International
A Mesdames Messieurs les organisateurs de Sreet Net International
Au nom de la Confération Nationale des Travailleurs du Sénégal C N T S
Au nom du Comité National des femmes travailleuses de la C N T S
SALUT MES FRERES ET SOEURS  Vendeurs et Vendeuses de Rues du Monde Entier
10 ANS ça se fete, notre bébé a grandi
10 ANS  de courage et d'abnégation,
10 ANS  de confiance mutuelle, 
10 ANS  de conviction,
10 ANS  de luttes commune, 
10 ANS  de fraternité,
10 ANS  de  d'éclairage et de plaisir.
Merci du fond du coeur à cette brave Dame nommée Patricia HORN qui a eu le courage de et la détermination de porter la cause des populations défavorisées de la planète au niveau de toutes les instances universelles pour la défence des intérets particuliers des vendeurs de rues.
Aujourd'hui, nous sommes fiers de notre statut dans nos pays respectifs et nous sommes respectés grace aux effors de Street net.
Joyeux aniversaire à toute l'équipe dirigeante de Street net International et à tous les affiliés.
Bonne fete internationale à tous les vendeurs et vendeuses du monde
Dieu fasse de par sa miséricorde que STREET NET aille toujours de l'avant pour le bien etre des travailleurs de l'économie informelle
Madame Annie DIOUF
Secrétaire Générale du Syndicat nationale de venduers de rue du Sénégal SYNATREIN/VRM
Secrétaire nationale chargée de l'économue informelle COM/FEM CNTS Sénégal

Salut !
10ans Déjà ! Streetnet a fait son emergence . 10ans déjà notre organisation StreetNet est International . 10ans déjà StreetNet International couvre les 4 points cardinaux. il est retrouvé en Afrique, Asie, Amérique et en Europe. 10ans déjà StreetNet International mène la lutte pour la protection Sociale dans l'économie informelle. un thème que la conférence de 2012 de l'OIT a débattu sur le  "socle de la protection sociale".10ans déjà StreetNet International célèbre la journée internationale des vendeurs, vendeuses de marchés, rues et ambulants. A cette occasion, nous saisissons l'opportunité à SYVEMACOT et FAINATRASIT pour souhaiter une bonne fête à tous les membres organisateurs de StreetNet et de ses affiliés de part le monde.
Vive StreetNet International !
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