Thursday, 30 June 2011

KENASVIT hosts StreetNet New Manifesto Regional Workshop Nairobi, July 18-19

The Kenyan National Association of Street Vendors and Informal Traders (KENASVIT) will be hosting the StreetNet New Manifesto workshop in Nairobi on 18th-19th July 2011. The workshop will focus on capacity building for the organisations of informal traders.  Participants  will review a strategy  to undertake participative research among their members, in order to develop a set of demands to negotiate with local authorities and to present at regional and international level. Among the African states represented will be street traders' organisations from Togo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Senegal and Ghana. In addition, StreetNet’s International Coordinator, Pat Horn, will participate to share the work in progress in other continents, particularly Latin America.  She will also discuss with the Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU -K) how best to strengthen the organisation of informal economy workers in Kenya. Wilson Maina, General Secretary of KENASVIT said: "This is the most significant meeting in Kenya pertaining to the informal sector, and denotes an important step in facilitating regional integration to address the issues that street vendors and informal traders face. The conference will conclude with a number of action items and resolutions that each organisation can implement upon return."

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Nicaragua-Campana del Nuevo Manifiesto

La Confederación de Trabajadores por Cuenta Propia (CTCP-FNT) también va a empezar la campana del Nuevo Manifiesto durante el ano 2011. El plan es de movilizar a los y las trabajadores por cuenta propia para que expresen sus demandas laborales y sociales.  Se espera formar 4 comités locales incluyendo la Federación de Vendedores de las Paradas de Buses de Managua; la Federación de los Vendedores de los Mercados (Tipitapa y Israel Lewites); la Federación de Vende Celulares;la Federación de Vendedores de los Semáforos. Van a utilizar el guia de StreetNet modificada para reflejar la situación en Nicaragua. Piensan involucrar a otras organizaciones o socios que operan en las zonas.

Peru New Manifesto Campaign in Lima starting soon

FEDEVAL, StreetNet's affiliate in Peru has sent in a proposal to start up the New Manifesto campaign in Lima in 13 districts The campaign is planned to start soon and will include a set of planning meetings, the production of leaflets and media releases, mobilisations in some of the main squares of Lima and a set of focus group discussions to collect the views and opinions of market and street vendors on a wide range of issues which impact on their lives, including  licencing, storage, and social security.  Manuel Sulca, the General Secretary of FEDEVAL said that the New Manifesto campaign is very important in Peru because it will help sensitise the local authorities about the situation of their sector. The international new Manifesto will help Lima's street vendors see that they are not alone in the world.