Monday, 19 November 2012

TANZANIA: Traders celebrate International Street Vendors Day with a march through the city organised by TUICO

Traders on the march through Dar-es-Salaam
StreetNet affiliate in Tanzania, the Tanzanian Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers (TUICO) celebrated 14th November  in the City of Dar es Salaam.  800 traders and other participants marched from TUICO Headquarter through the city to the hall where the conference took place.

Traders at the conference
Traders displayed their goods at the conference which was presided over by the TUICO General Secretary.  The main slogan of the day was  " STREET VENDORS CONTRIBUTE MUCH TO NATIONAL ECONOMY; THEY SHOULD BE RECOGNISED" .

Traders voiced their main concerns:  
1. TUICO should represent them beforoe the local authorities and politicians so that policy and laws be reformed to become friendly to traders.
2. TUICO should negotiate with Municipal and City Authorities for better working places
3. TUICO should negotiate with the Social Security Schemes in order to cover them
4. TUICO should provide training on business skills
5. TUICO should enter into recognition and Collective Agreements with Municipal and City Councils concerning the welfare of  Informal economy workers.

TUICO General Secretary informed the participants  that the Union will make sure that their concerns are dealt with to assist their  business sustainability. He also encouraged them to have more unity and called on them to  establish a negotiation committee under TUICO.

Visit TUICO website from Thursday 23rd November for more information.

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