Sunday, 10 July 2011

KENASVIT looks forward to welcoming StreetNet affiliates to New Manifesto Workshop 8-9 July 2011

The Kenyan National Alliance of Street Vendors and Informal Traders (KENASVIT) team looks forward to welcoming participants from other African countries to the 3rd planning workshop on the New Manifesto Campaign on 18th -19th July in Nairobi. The National Chairman, Simon Sangale Ole Nasieku, explained that KENASVIT is a grass roots membership based organisation formed in 2003. It has grown to include many local organisations, most recently in Kissii, Keroka, Busia and Nyeri.  KENASVIT is seeking to promote dialogue  between councils and street vendors  and is also lobbying for the passage of the Micro and Small Enterprises Bill through Parliament.The Chairman  also acknowledged the important role of Prof. Winnie Mittullah of the Institute of Development Studies whose original research on women street vendors led to the formation of  KENASVIT. 

Karibu Kenya! 


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