Thursday, 11 October 2012

StreetNet Affiliates in Senegal organise a caravan across West Africa

StreetNet affiliates in Senegal, CNTS and SUDEMS, organised a caravan across 4 West African countries.  The caravan was made up of 20 people both young and old, with 13 women and 7 men.  At each stopover, the traders negotiated a selling space to exhibit their products, including fish, millet, cassava, cloth and other goods. Visits were organised to the local markets and municipal authorities.

The caravan was in Abidjan, Ivory Coast from 17-19 September, in Accra, Ghana from 20-21 September, in Lome, Togo, 22-27 September and in Cotonou, Benin, from 28 -30 September.

In Abidjan, the caravan was received by the President of “ECOWAS Diaspora” Mr. Don Alexander, and Mr. Joseph Léon Ebagnerin Leon, General Secretary of the General Union of Workers of Cote d'Ivoire - UGTCI.

The President of ECOWAS DIASPORA  welcomed the caravan, saying "you are leading the same fight as us, social and economic integration of the people of ECOWAS nations. We are proud of your initiative”. ECOWAS Diaspora is a not- for- profit association, launched on 17th December 2010 in Abidjan. Its mission is to promote economic integration in the 15 countries of the ECOWAS sub-region. 

The General Secretary of UGTCI,  Mr. Ebagnerin Joseph and his colleagues welcomed the caravan and put resources at their disposal for 72 hours. During the meeting, Mrs. Mariatou Guiehoa, Deputy General Secretary of the UGTCI stressed that the promotion of the informal sector is part of the new vision of UGTCI.

In Lomé: the caravan was received by the Consul of Senegal in Togo and the Trade Union Confederation of Workers CSTT-Togo as well as FAINATRASIT and SYVEMACOT,  the two StreetNet affiliates. On 23rd September, together with the Consul of Senegal in Togo, the caravan attended the StreetNet Regional Seminar on strengthening the focal point in West and Central Africa.  Issues discussed concerned the work of StreetNet in the SADC region in partnership with SATUCC, and the work in the ECOWAS region.

In Cotonou: the caravan arrived on 28th September where it was received by Mrs. Chodaton, General Secretary of SYNAVAMAB, on behalf of the two StreetNet affiliated organisations in Benin.

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