Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Kenya- KENASVIT calls for action on the Micro and Small Enterprise Bill

On 16th August, KENASVIT, the StreetNet affiliate in Kenya, organised a peaceful march and rally outside the Treasury, the Prime Minister's residence and the National Parliament to call for the speedy enactment of the Micro and Small Enterprise  (MSE) Bill. In the afternoon, KENASVIT officials were able to deliver a memorandum to the Hon. Vice President Kalonzo  Musyoka .

MP's assistant reads memorandum

The MSE Bill was first drafted in 2000 but has been stalled continuously.  The Bill would provide a much needed legal framework for the informal traders of Kenya, and  will also set up a micro-credit fund. KENASVIT has over 400,000 members in 13 towns in Kenya.  It is planning a series of peaceful marches throughout the country over the coming month.

Machakos informal traders protest at high levies
and the enactment of the MSE Bill August 23

Nakuru traders call for landspace and the enactment of the MSE Bill August 31st

As a consequence of the march, the government and private sector held a multi -stakeholders workshop on 18th August at Marble Arch Hotel on the MSE Bill and MSE Fund. Twelve (12) government Ministries and Departments were represented.

KENASVIT banner will tour the towns of Kenya!
KENASVIT chairperson, Simon Nasieku, considered the protests have been highly successful as it attracted considerable media attention. "We are proud that the Government has been awakened from slumber through our collective action", he stated. 

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